Clinical Services & Wellness

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Our commitment to your holistic wellness goes beyond a pill bottle in a bag. Dougherty's clinical pharmacists are eager to assist your health care needs through some of our expanded health and wellness services.

Consult with our drug experts here at Dougherty’s Pharmacy for sound advice. The journey to reaching your overall healthy lifestyle needs and wants starts with our clinical pharmacists, phlebotomist, and registered dietitians. Ask about our unique programs below:


Point-of-Care (POC) Testing for Flu/Strep A/COVID-19

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Medication Therapy Management

Phlebotomy Services to measure HgA1C, TSH, Blood Typing

Diabetic Management

Smoke Cessation Program

Weight Loss-Nutritional Wellness

COVID-19 Vaccination

Dougherty’s offers a wide array of health and wellness products including dietary aids, vitamins, and a range of premium quality nutrition supplements to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Diabetic Management, Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness

Sometimes we need a little help when we find it hard to reach our goal for a healthier lifestyle. Dougherty’s Pharmacy Team wants to lend you a hand. Our clinical expert and nutritionist can provide a consultative program through these subset programs:

  • Diabetic management
  • Weight loss regimen
  • Nutritional wellness for holistic wellness
  • And so much more!
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Immunizations & Wellness Shots

Getting vaccinated is a terrific way to protect you and your family. Our clinical staff can help you find the correct vaccines for that extra protection based on CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations.

  • Before you jet set away, ask us about our travel vaccines
  • Getting ready for the school year? Check with us on the required Texas Minimum Back-to-School Vaccines K-12/College as recommended by Texas State Health Services
  • Do not forget to protect yourself and family with an influenza or pneumonia shot
  • We also administer lipoatrophic and vitamin B-12 injections for your convenience as part of our immunization program within the Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness Program.

View our scheduled vaccines recommended for pediatric to adult patients.

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Pharmacotherapy Services

Expanding clinical services beyond just a consult at the window or to talk about your pills. Here at Dougherty’s, our heritage of serving the community of North Texas requires us to find ways to bring better accessible healthcare to you and your family. We offer some unique services here:

Point-of-Care Testing (POC)

Working under a physician-pharmacist protocol, we can rapidly test you for Flu A+B; Strep A; or for COVID-19. No longer do you have to wait in line, sit in an office for hours, or scurrying to find an appointment to be seen. We can help you by getting you tested and offering immediate relief through set orders to get you safely home for rest and healing. Our pharmacy team is eager to answer your question on this service.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Ever wonder why certain medications do not seem to work for you? Well, the simple answer is that our DNA makeup, makes us all unique. Being unique comes with a whole package of genes that can make certain drugs work too effectively or no reaction at all. By scheduling a pharmacogenomic testing with our clinical pharmacist, we can show the classes of drugs that can help you or ones to avoid.

Medication Therapy Management

We are seeing the number of drugs a patient has to manage become a dizzying factor in their daily life. How many medications for my cholesterol? How many for my high blood pressure? When should I take my diabetes medicine, before or after a meal? These questions seem to cause more frustration and prevent the patient from taking their medication. Schedule a sit down with our clinical pharmacy team to begin a comprehensive medication review (CMR) and to begin a plan of action to find opportunities for you to see definite results.

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