refill prescriptions

Dougherty’s offers many convenient ways to refill your prescriptions. You can use our automated refill phone service, handy mobile app available through Google Play and iTunes , or just click below to utilize our online refill service.

You can also give our pharmacists a direct call. We’d love to hear from you and we can answer any concerns or questions you have about your prescription before you pick it up.

transfer prescription

Transferring your prescription to Dougherty’s is as simple as a mouse click or phone call. Click below to transfer a prescription online or ring one of our pharmacists who will gladly make the transfer for you. Once we have your prescription you can use the Family Rx Management service to track all your Dougherty’s prescriptions.


Is this your first prescription with Dougherty's? That’s great, you’ll be happy you chose the experts at Dougherty's to handle you and your family’s health. If you stop by either of our locations one of our friendly pharmacy staff will set up your Patient Profile.

Have a health or medication related question? You can have a private consultation with one of our expert pharmacists who are willing and able to give you all the advice you want and need. Our pharmacy technicians are also available and ready to answer any prescription insurance questions you have.

We’re Always Ready to Deliver
Whether the flu has you down for the count or you're just unable to pick up your prescriptions, Dougherty's offers convenient prescription delivery right to your front door. Make sure to ask about home delivery for all your family’s medications.


Dougherty’s makes it easy to keep track of prescriptions for your entire family with our Family Rx Management service. Family Rx Management is an online program that allows you to track all the prescriptions your family has with Dougherty’s. With a mouse click you can view the prescription profiles for every member of your family. You can also request refills, mark a prescription for delivery or in-store pickup, or leave a note for our pharmacists.

Family Rx Management can print our all your family’s prescription history for the past year, putting the information right at your fingertips for tax preparation.



Sign up today by clicking on the link and creating an online account. Follow the simple, on-screen instructions to finish setting up your account. You must have filled a prescription with us prior to using the online system. If you have any problems visit one of our locations and we’ll set up your account.