Pain Management
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Pain Management

Dougherty's Pharmacy has been serving pain management patients for over 85 years. In addition to traditional manufactured pain management medications we can work with physicians to prepare custom medications tailored for the patient's individual needs.

Our compounded transdermal creams have had significant success reducing symptoms without the negative side effects associated with traditional oral drug therapies. Dougherty's can also compound oral capsules with the exact medication necessary to treat a person's pain. One such case is to decrease the acetaminophen content in capsules to prevent liver toxicity.


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  • Adrienne S.

    "I was involved in a major auto accident and multiple surgeries that changed my life forever. Without Dougherty's, I wouldn't be here today. They're my friends, and they are the best."

  • Stephanie P.

    "Almost every single month I have to prove to my insurance company that I am due my pain medications. The pharmacy guys here talk to them for me and they always get it worked out. They're a godsend."

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