Medicine Box > FAQ

Do I need to get all new prescriptions?

No, call Dougherty’s at 469.248.1000 or 1.800.837.0072 and we will transfer the prescriptions from your old pharmacy. With a few brief questions we can determine the ideal start date for your Medicine BOX

What happens if I need a new prescription?

For immediate start medications like antibiotics we can fill them right away. For other medications we can send you an interim supply until your next Medicine Box arrives

What if my prescriptions have specific directions?

Each Medicine BOX features labels and dosing instructions for all included medications. We can even divide special instruction medications into separate pouches to reduce confusion

What if I don’t live near a Dougherty’s location?

We can deliver your Medicine BOX anywhere across Texas

Will I have to sign for my Medicine Box when it arrives?

Signatures may be required for certain medications. Please call to confirm if your Medicine BOX delivery requires a signature

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