Are You a Scaredy Cat or Do You Have One?

Andy Komuves, RPh, FIACP
If one of your family members is of the feline variety you may find this interesting. Mainly due to genetics, cats have a predisposition for a number of conditions, including hyperthyroidism,...

Breathing Easier with Allergies

Andy Komuves, RPh, FIACP
Spring is in the air, and with it allergies. Aside from just being annoying, the changing season can cause some serious breathing issues. Your doctor or pediatrician may write you or your child a...

Welcome to our blog!

Andy Komuves, RPh, FIACP
We here at Dougherty’s are proud and excited to bring you our blog. Our goal is to offer you information that is relevant to you and hopefully will help improve your health, your...