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Since 1954, McCrory’s has been caring for customers like family. Recently, Gary McCrory picked Dallas-based Dougherty’s Pharmacy to continue his legacy of service to the El Paso community. Dougherty’s has demonstrated the same kind of commitment to local tailored service that Gary and his family established long ago. We will continue providing custom compounding and retail prescriptions - just like you've come to expect from McCrory's 56 years of expertise and care. Like always, our top priority is your health.

Like McCrory’s, Dougherty’s started off as a family-owned business and has thrived in their local community, providing an unparalleled patient experience in Dallas for almost 90 years. We are proud to add McCrory’s Pharmacy into the Dougherty’s family.

Dougherty's Pharmacy opened in 1929 focused on personal service. Mr. Dougherty knew well the neighborhood families he served. He remembered their names, their lives, and he compounded the medications they needed by hand. Eighty five years later these same ideas are still the core of Dougherty's, but our neighborhood has grown beyond North Texas. In fact, physicians across Texas and beyond send their patients to Dougherty's for prescriptions unavailable anywhere else.

A beloved Dallas institution, Dougherty's Pharmacy is the area's oldest, largest, and most-recognized full-service pharmacy serving customers across Texas. Founded at the start of the Great Depression in Oak Cliff, Mr. Dougherty set the bar for a customer-oriented pharmacy dedicated to its customers' well being. The small pharmacy flourished in prime location between retail giants Safeway and A&P Grocery. In the pharmacy's first year of operation Mr. Dougherty foiled a robbery attempt by the infamous Bonnie & Clyde.


In 1941 Mr. Dougherty hired pharmacist George B. Park. The pharmacy grew in size and reputation as customers lingered over the soda fountain to visit with friends and neighbors. In 1943, Park joined with a partner who specialized in soda fountains. The partners purchased the pharmacy from Mr. Dougherty, but opted to keep the name for fear it might jeopardize outstanding accounts receivable.

The business continued to expand through '40s and '50s. Joe B. Park, George's son, joined the staff in 1959, after graduating from pharmacy school. In 1967, the business moved to its current location in Preston Royal Village. A new shopping center at the time Preston Royal Village was considered Far North Dallas, 12 miles north into the country.

Over the past two decades Dougherty's has continued to grow by adding state-of-the-art sterile and non-sterile labs, and a full-service home medical equipment department to better serve our customers.

In 2009, Joe B. Park celebrated 50 years of service with Dougherty's . For decades he served as Dougherty's pharmacist-in-charge, continuing his father's legacy. Also in 2009, an outbreak of H1N1 flu created a nationwide shortage of pre-mixed liquid Tamiflu for children. Over the next three months Dougherty's answered the call by compounding more than 1,000 children's Tamiflu prescriptions making the pharmacy one of the few resources in the nation for the critical medication.

While times have changed the pharmacy's focus on the wellbeing of our customers has not. At Dougherty's we continue to improve and employ cutting-edge technology and an extensive selection of products to keep our customers healthy and happy. The same drive that first attracted our customers 85 years ago.

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dougherty's facts

  • Bill Dougherty founded the pharmacy in 1929, at the beginning of the Depression, in Oak Cliff.

  • We fill about 1,000 prescriptions every day

  • We offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy compounds.

  • Dougherty's celebrates our 85th anniversary this year!

  • We fill prescriptions for dogs, cats, birds, aardvarks, horses, and sharks!

  • Meet our certified diabetes educator and certified nutritionist on staff.

  • Dougherty's fills prescriptions for all of the major league sports teams in Dallas!

  • Looking for attractive, custom made, therapeutic shoes? We have them!

  • Dougherty's specializes in serving pain management patients throughout the southwest.

  • Our Home Medical Equipment has everything you can't find in most other stores.

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