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Pet Medications

Every year Dougherty's fills thousands of prescriptions for our non-human friends. We fill prescriptions for cats, dogs, ducks, horses, and even the more exotic animals at the Dallas Zoo. We are able to fill your entire family's prescriptions including any custom medication from your veterinarian. More than that we can create the medication in the form that will keep you and your pet happy. We can even add flavorings such as triple fish, liver, and grilled chicken.


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  • Kristin Bale, C.Ph.T

    "I know for me, and most of our team, pets are our family. We love caring for them!"

  • Andy Komuves, President, CEO

    "More and more, vets are becoming interested in prescribing compounds due to the ease of administration and the higher success rate for both the owner and the pet."

  • Susan M., Customer

    "Without Dougherty's, our animals would never have made it! You guys are the best!"

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