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Our experts are here to provide sound nutritional advice and tailor a health plan to your individual needs. Dougherty’s offers a wide array of health and wellness products including dietary aids, vitamins, and a range of premium quality nutrition supplements to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.


Nutrition Supplements

Unfortunately most of us can’t achieve a balanced diet able to fill our dietary needs each and every day. At Dougherty’s we offer a comprehensive selection of hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical-grade nutrition supplements in a variety of forms. It’s the smart and simple way to supplement a diet to help combat the effects of constant stress and chronic health conditions.

Our shelves carry a large assortment of nutrition supplements and we will work with you to select the best products for your personal nutrition needs. Click on the link below to request more information and schedule a personal health assessment to review your nutrition goals.



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Flu Shots

Published on Monday, March 23, 2015

Flu Shots

It’s getting to be that time of the year again. The coughs, sniffles and wheezing almost seem to be your personal soundtrack as you go about your daily activities. Everyone wants to be free from the hassle of flu season. But with our busy lives, it seems that a simple preventative flu shot gets pushed to the side. The flu, however, is patient and will wait until your immune system isn’t at 100%.

You can prevent this by being proactive and taking care of your immune system early in the season. This not only includes immunization, but also supplementing your diet with Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc. These supplements can give your body the building blocks it needs to defend against infective organisms that seem to ruin several days each year.

Many individuals are concerned that they will actually get the flu from the flu shot itself. This is simply not the case. Today’s modern flu shot is an attenuated (a fancy word for killed) strain. These strains simply don’t have the capacity to replicate and cause the flu. It is my belief that this confusion comes from those unlucky individuals who became infected with the flu virus before the flu vaccine became completely effective. Some experts have surmised that it may take at least 2 weeks before the vaccine offers enhanced immunity. This bad luck of infection right after the flu shot has scared some from the flu shot for life.

We do provide the flu shot here at Dougherty’s this season and every season. I (or one of the other pharmacists) will be happy to administer your flu shot and get you ready to take on the flu season.
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