Adult Immunizations for National Immunization Awareness Month


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Adult Immunizations for National Immunization Awareness Month

Adult Immunizations for National Immunization Awareness Month

Adult Immunizations

Summertime can be a time for relaxing, enjoying time off from school or a much needed vacation from work. This relaxing time allows your body to heal both mentally and physically. This rejuvenation is necessary as the seasons turn to fall and winter when the body must fight the off numerous infections that can create havoc in your life.

Your body has quite the defense system against many of these infections. Your immune system can be introduced to the disease causing germ and provide a strong counter attack. Unfortunately you can become quite sick when your body is introduced to a disease causing germ. It is common for a sick, “defense building”, person to become miserable and wonder if there was anything he could have done to prevent such an unpleasant time.

Thankfully, some infections ARE preventable via vaccine and can save you a lot of discomfort if you stay immunized against common infectious organisms. Dougherty’s Pharmacy pharmacists are immunization administration trained and can help you determine which immunizations you may need. 


Common Immunizations Available at Dougherty’s*

The above chart was derived from information from the Centers for Disease Control. For a more complete look at vaccinations please refer to the CDC’s Vaccination Schedule or speak with a Dougherty’s pharmacist

These vaccines have variable schedules of administration and are not necessary for all people. Knowing if you should or shouldn’t get an immunization can be intimidating. I recommend patients first consult with a Dougherty’s pharmacist to make certain they are properly immunized. Our trained team can advise you on the proper immunizations and the potential side effects you might expect after receiving them.

If you are traveling out of the country find out what immunizations are needed for the area. Some vaccines, such as yellow fever, are needed for travel where the disease is present. International travel immunizations must be taken very seriously due to risk of travelers bringing a contagious disease back home.

Being healthy and disease free will make your summer more enjoyable. August is National Immunization Awareness Month and is a great time to make certain you are caught up on your immunization records. These immunization records should be stored in a safe place so you and your loved ones can readily find them. It is a substantial help to medical staff when you can prove you have been vaccinated if they request the information.

If you have any questions about pricing, administration, or potential side effects stop by, call, or email us. Dougherty’s Pharmacy accepts walk-ins. Please make an appointment during peak seasons (flu, back to school).

*Dougherty's Pharmacy provides vaccinations for persons 16 years and older

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Which influenza vaccines do u carry? (Trivalent,, quadrivalent, brand?)

Do u accept Tricare insurance?



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