Dougherty’s Pharmacy Provides Immunizations at All 6 Locations

Dougherty’s Pharmacy Provides Immunizations at All 6 Locations

The month of August means one thing… Back to School. While parents frantically purchase school supplies and kids dread that early morning wake up, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dougherty’s Pharmacy want to remind everyone to stay up to date with their vaccinations.


August is National Immunization Awareness Month and at Dougherty’s, we are committed to keeping our customers up to date on their immunization schedule. By providing an in house vaccination program, customers can walk into Dougherty’s, receive their immunization and pick up their prescriptions all in one place. This convenience is yet another agent of the Dougherty’s Difference found throughout our 6 stores.


At Dougherty’s, we administer these vaccinations to the public:


- Influenza

- HPV (Doctor prescription required, ages 16-26 only)

- Meningococcal

- Oral Typhoid (Doctor prescription required)

- Pneumococcal

- Tetanus/Diphtheria

- Tet/Dipt/Pertussis

- Shingles

- Yellow Fever (only at Preston Royal Village)


With so many vaccines available, it can be confusing to know which ones are appropriate for you and when you should get them.  Our Clinical Services Pharmacist, Ashley Mason, was asked her thoughts on vaccines and how to determine which immunizations are appropriate for you.


“As a pharmacist I believe that vaccination is an important part of routine healthcare for people of all ages.  A person’s age and health status help determine the necessity of some immunizations. For example, Meningococcal vaccines should be given to any individual before living in a dormitory (for example, a college freshman); the Pneumococcal vaccine series is important for everyone once they reach the age of 65; the shingles vaccine should be given once someone reaches the age of 50 and the Tdap Vaccine (which contains tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) is very important for pregnant women and any adults that will be in contact with newborn babies. Other vaccines are unnecessary unless people are traveling to certain areas of the world.  Examples of those vaccines would be oral typhoid and yellow fever.”


“At Dougherty’s we are unable to administer vaccines to anyone under the age of 16 and encourage routine visits with a child’s pediatrician to verify specific immunization schedules.  Whether you are about to travel out of the country or in the pharmacy waiting on a prescription, please visit with one of our friendly pharmacists to determine if any of the immunizations we offer would be right for you!”


Every year, Dougherty's encourages everyone to get the Influenza vaccine as it can protect children, teens, adults and senior citizens against the flu virus. Statistics indicate the effectiveness of the Influenza vaccine is around 50%. Visit any of our 6 locations starting September 1st for your Influenza vaccine.


Dougherty’s Pharmacy main purpose is to keep our customers healthy and happy. Visit one of Dougherty’s 6 locations and ask a pharmacist which immunizations you qualify for. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and stay up to date on the latest in Dougherty’s news by following our blog.  


*edited 8/25/16: Unfortunately, we do not offer the Varicella vaccine anymore at Dougherty's. We are sorry for the misinformation. We still offer all other vaccines noted above though!

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