Knee Walkers: The Skinny on the Scoot

Knee Walkers: The Skinny on the Scoot

Okay. Here’s a hypothetical situation for you to ponder. You trip over a break in the sidewalk (it totally jumped up and attacked you, right?). In the ensuing scuffle you twist your ankle badly. You dash, limp, shuffle, and/or hobble to the ER where you wait for what seems an eternity.


Vending machine food becomes a delicacy after the three hour mark.


Finally you see a doctor. X-Rays finished, lo and behold, you have a broken ankle. There goes your summer vacation plans. The doctor refers you to a specialist who will cast the ankle and turn you into a hobbling mess of plaster and humility. But wait, there is a silver lining. The doctor hands you a prescription for a ‘knee walker‘ or a ‘knee scooter.’


What the heck is a knee walker?


Sounds intimidating, right? A knee walker is the saving grace for your underarms and your sanity, or what is left of it. You did just break your ankle in a vicious sidewalk attack. There is a lot of mental recovery time.


Dougherty’s Home Medical Department has knee walkers available, with or without a prescription. We even have them available for rent. The Essential Free Spirit Knee Walker has independent steering, brakes, adjustable seat, and adjustable handles. It is useful for any foot or ankle injury that requires you to keep all weight off the foot. Knee walkers work great for pre-op, post-op recovery.


I feel like I’m trying to sell a car to you now, but trust me when I say this equipment is a godsend. Instead of teetering atop crutches and potentially causing more injury to yourself and others all you need is to prop your knee on the cushion and scoot yourself along to greener pastures. It’s a combination bicycle and scooter meant to be used with your normal walking pace and gait. The brakes are when you need to stop quickly and can be locked in a stationary position for safety. The walker’s handles fold down to the seat for easy storage in the trunk or backseat of your car.


Now let’s get down to pricing. A brand new knee walker runs $630. We do, however, rent them by the week or month. Knee walker rentals are $45/week or $160/month. It would take 14 weeks or 4 months of rental to equal the purchase price of a new knee walker. If you are interested in renting we require 25 hours advance notice. Twenty five hours allows Dougherty’s to check we have a knee walker available in good functioning order. This also provides us time to have the knee walker cleaned and sanitized for you. In order to complete your paperwork, and save you a pair of sore armpits, we need a current ID and a credit card to keep on file.


At this time we are unable to file with any insurance company. We are simply not contracted to do so. If you have a prescription and doctor’s request, we can print out duplicate receipts, even hand write a receipt to submit your provider for reimbursement. Not every plan and provider offers reimbursement, contact your provider for the specifics.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems, please feel free to call us at 214-373-5302. Dougherty’s Home Medical Department will do whatever to make sure you get what you need and you are satisfied with your experience.

In the meantime, best of luck, and watch out for those darned sidewalks. They have it out for us. 

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gwen garner said:

I may have looked over specifics and a wide variety walking devices on this site. How can I see, online, the types of walkers you carry and the prices for owning and renting the devices. Your pharmacy used to deliver my meds to my home in Allen, TX (Preston Store). I live just outside Allen in Lucas, above six miles east off Hwy 75 & Bethany (2 exits north of Legacy on 75).

4/5/2016 9:01 PM

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