Sock It To Me!

Sock It To Me!
If you read my last entry you know you’re in the middle of a three-part pregnancy-made-easier extravaganza.

So now that you’ve got good belly support with a maternity belt what can you do about those pesky cankles and varicose veins? Two words for you ladies: COMPRESSION, SOCKS. It’s best to get a prescription from your doctor for them so we here at the store can size you properly with the correct strength of compression.

Worn correctly the socks help reduce swelling, soreness, as well as prevent the varicosities from getting worse. I’ll go more in depth on compression in a later blog, but just know compression socks will help greatly both during and after the pregnancy. In the full pantyhose, they come with a stretchy panel in the front so it can grow with your growing belly. We’re almost there. Just one more blog and all of your pregnancy woes will disappear!

Okay, so maybe not completely but every little bit helps, right?
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Betty Avril said:

Do you carry KT tape? In colors? Looking for beige.

6/5/2016 4:20 PM

Shirley Feldhaus said:

What is the price for over the knee compression socks?

5/25/2017 7:01 PM

ann said:

I comment on your blog consistently. There are a couple of online diaries I read, anyway I don't comment that often. I don't comment, since I have an inclination that I have nothing to state! You're predominant as a blogger in case you MAKE me have to reply. That suggests you've made me think, and I'm essentially impacting to state something with respect to your post! ( ) That is a stunning thing and I revere it when posts quickly make me have to get connected with the discourse.

11/22/2018 11:50 PM

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