Are Your Hormones to Blame?

Are Your Hormones to Blame?
Weight Gain! Stress!! Hot Flashes!!! These symptoms are often thought to be simply a part of the aging process. No doubt, as women progress into menopause, symptoms such as hot flashes are seen as not only irritating, but sometimes intolerable. These signs and symptoms are usually triggered by the erratic nature of women’s hormones as they progress towards menopause. A hormone such as estradiol that is too high can cause quite a few undesirable symptoms as well as predispose women to breast or endometrial cancer. Due to this, many patients are seeking to find tests that will find their hormone levels and determine if they are in a proper range for their age.

Commonly, women test for hormones such as:
· Estradiol
· Progesterone
· Testosterone
· Cortisol

Many patients have asked about the term “Bio-Identical” hormones. This term identifies hormones that are the exact chemical structure of hormones that are naturally created in the human body. Not all hormones sold in a pharmacy are bio-identical. Some hormones that are manufactured are synthesized in a lab and are not exact copies of what the human body makes.

Did you know we offer hormone testing at Dougherty’s? We utilize a service that can determine your hormone levels simply from your saliva? This is a great method of testing that is both accurate and needle free. Once we receive your results, we can discuss with you what hormones might be causing your symptoms as well as possible treatments.

There is no need to wonder if some of your symptoms are hormone related or not – drop by and inquire about saliva hormone testing! We can help you find a Dr. near you that can prescribe hormone therapy when needed.

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