One Pill Doesn’t Fit All: Pharmacogenetic Testing

One Pill Doesn’t Fit All: Pharmacogenetic Testing
Despite how similar we all look and behave each and every person has a different and unique genetic makeup. The difference in our genetic makeup causes two people on the same medication and dosing to respond differently.  One person may have an excellent response to a medication while the same medication does not work and can even produce side effects for another person.  Pharmacogenetic testing is making it possible to predict your genetic response to certain medications. This simple test can give you the peace of mind you are being treated appropriately.

Dougherty’s Pharmacy has partnered with Harmonyx to bring pharmacogenetic testing to you at an affordable price.  Tests are priced under $100 and take only minutes to administer. Harmonyx pharmacogenetic testing utilizes new technology, with a simple cheek swab we can test your DNA to help determine the right medication.  Currently three different Harmonyx tests are available with a fourth set to release in May. 


Tests offered by Harmonyx


Your treatment plan for ADHD should not be a guessing game of multiple medications and side effects until you find the one that works. Whether you are newly diagnosed with ADHD or your current treatment is inadequate, the Harmonyx test can help guide your physician to an effective treatment option. 


Plavix® is a common antiplatelet medication prescribed after a heart attack, stroke, and for various other heart conditions.  The FDA has issued a warning that 3 out of 10 people have a genetic makeup that prevents them from responding to Plavix®.  The Harmonyx test targets the genes that make a person resistant to Plavix® and helps your physician quickly determine if Plavix® is the best treatment choice.


Simvastatin is a common cholesterol medication prescribed to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. The most common adverse effect of simvastatin is difficult to tolerate muscle pain.  The Harmonyx test can help determine your risk.

Pain (May 2015)

The Harmonyx Test for Pain is scheduled for release in May.  This test identifies key information about your genetic response to pain medications, helping to determine which medications may be most effective and provide the most relief.  


How do I get a Harmonyx genetic test?

Go to your nearest Dougherty’s Location!  To get started talk to a pharmacist about which Harmonyx test you need.  Once the simple cheek swab is complete, the pharmacist will submit your sample to the lab for processing. Within 24 hours of the sample’s arrival your physician will receive the test results and can determine the best prescription therapy for you. Bypass the medication guessing game, avoid unnecessary side effects, and discover the most effective medication for your genetics, fast.

How can I find out more?

For more information about pharmacogenetic testing contact our Clinical Services Pharmacist, Ashley Mason, by phone 214.373.5325 or email

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I am interested in being tested for bioidentical hormone replacement testing. Do I need to set an appointment or can I just go to the pharmacy?

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