Swim and Bathe with a Waterproof Cast Protector!

Swim and Bathe with a Waterproof Cast Protector!

Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer. Laughter, steaks sizzling on the grill, and water splashing about in the pool. Everyone enjoys the fun of summer, but it’s far less enjoyable if you’re stuck inside with a cast on your arm or leg. How can you partake in such fun outdoor activities if you’ve got a giant plaster cast on you? Well, all hope is not lost. Find your swim trunks and swim suit and get ready to get wet.

DryPro is a product specifically made for complete submersion in a bath or swimming pool. It’s a cast cover with a detachable bulb that will essentially ‘vacuum-pack’ the cast inside a waterproof safe haven. DryPro is made of a heavy durable latex and is made for arms and legs. There are different sizes depending on the length of the cast and size of the arm or leg. Ranging from extra small to large, there’s a DryPro that’ll suit you or your child’s cast protection needs. If you need more information, give us a call at Dougherty’s Home Medical Department at  214-373-5302.
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